This is the most common comment we have been hearing in the past few weeks.

People who wear glasses already know that eyewear fogs when you walk out of a warm house into the cold outdoor air,

or when you open an oven door. When we wear a mask, warm breath can escape through the top edges,

along the tops of our cheeks. When the hot air lands on cooler lenses, it creates condensation on the surface and a foggy film.

Cold weather makes the problem worse.


We totally understand how frustrating it becomes wearing a mask with glasses with foggy lenses

but we have the perfect solution for you at Maa Eyecare…..





They WORK!

Convenient and easy to carry

Come in boxes of 30

Suitable for all kinds of lenses including multi-coated lenses

Anti-static formula

£6 for 1 box


 £11 for 2 boxes

Come in and try it out and see the difference.